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Elite Credit Repair Program


Our Nationally Recognized Elite Credit Repair Program has been constructed to provide you with the most comprehensive credit repair solution in the nation. Here are just some of the many benefits of the Elite Credit Repair Program:

We Provide A 100% Solution – Traditional credit repair focuses on the outdated methods of only disputing “negative” items on your credit report. It fails to address the 65% of the factors that are used in calculating your credit score, guaranteeing disappointment. We take on your whole credit picture …More

We Tackle ALL Disputed Negative Items – The Elite Credit Repair Program has been carefully developed in a manner that allows us to dispute ALL of the negative items that are bringing down your credit score without risking being flagged by the credit report bureaus for “Frivolous Disputes”. The Elite Credit Repair Program…More

Guaranteed A 720 Credit Score – The success of our Elite Credit Repair Program has been unprecedented in its results. We are so confident that the Elite Credit Repair Program will work for you, that we put our money where our mouth is. If our Express Credit Repair & Restoration Program does not help you obtain a 720 credit…More

We Can Add Positive Credit – Even if every negative item were removed from your credit report, obtaining a 720 on your credit score would still be unlikely. Our Elite Program actually guides you through the process of rebuilding your credit rating. We even have programs designed to add positive credit to your credit…More

We Offer Extended Added Value Services – In an economy where product size is shrinking and costs are increasing, we at Lucriasa Financial are reversing the trend. Your dollar is more important to you than ever, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the value of the services we provide. Traditional credit…More

We Provide LIFETIME Services – Because approximately 10% of the items removed from a credit report reappear, Lucriasa Financial will assist you in removing them free of charge for LIFE. Many of the large credit repair companies will not do this unless, of course, you are currently paying your monthly fee. We know that…More

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Who We Are

With over 8 years of experience in financial and credit services, Lucriasa Financial  is quickly becoming a leader in the credit repair industry. Many companies make offers of performing credit scrubs or credit wipes with immediate and fantastic results. Depending upon your personal credit history, these claims may be questionable. At Lucriasa Financial


Our Unique Approach

Lucriasa Financial seeks to empower you to take control of your financial future by offering one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective credit repair programs in the nation. Over the last decade, we have developed what we call the Elite Program, which assesses each client’s unique credit situation and determines the fastest, most


The Cost of Bad Credit

As you are deciding how to handle your personal credit situation and whether Lucriasa Financial is part of your solution, take the time to consider how much your bad debt is already costing you. When considering the cost of interest on purchases, your investment in the Elite Credit Repair Program will more than pay for itself…


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